January 15, 2017

Humanity First

HF-LogoThe concept of Humanity First originated from the desire to provide aid on the basis of need alone, irrespective of race, religion, creed, or political allegiance. The organization was established in 1994 in the United Kingdom. Restoring communities and building a future are guiding principles of Humanity First. Humanity First works to relief people afflicted with natural disasters, war, and poverty by first providing the needed disaster relief services and then by building capacities of these communities. The aim is to restore dignity by providing the resources for helping people get back on their feet. Humanity First further aims to promote peace and understanding based on mutual respect and tolerance. Enabling people to help themselves. The organization works with vulnerable communities in over 40 countries spanning six continents including right here in Baltimore. The organization is run by volunteers and even in operations, expert medical, engineering, educational, and technical staff often pay their own way to international support projects. Human development programs can be designated under two categories of health medical programs and educational and vocational programs.
  1. Health program: Design to help and provide medical services and supplies to some of the world’s most vulnerable areas.
  2. Educational and vocational program: Designed to help create capacity and self sufficiency through providing support for primary education for children and vocational training for adults in various underprivileged communities in the United States and around the world.