January 15, 2017



There is a divide between the lay person’s perception of Islam and its true teachings. Many may harbour concerns about Islam, perhaps through ignorance or through the portrayal of events in the media. It may surprise some but the portrayal of Islam in the media is of greatest concern to Muslims than anyone else, particularly when it leads to the association of deeds and values that we know are at complete odds with the Islamic faith.

Such concerns are not new and it was in responding to questions about Islam that the third successor the founder of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community underlined that according to Islam human beings are all equal before God. He added that:

“Islam teaches us to live with mutual love and affection and with humility. It teaches us no distinction between a Muslim or a non-Muslim. My message to everyone is that you must have ‘Love for all, Hatred for none!’[Review of Religions, March 2008]

This was reiterated at a subsequent press conference and at the Cafe Royale in Piccadilly in London at another press conference.

This has since become the unique motto of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community in its work to promote the true and peaceful teachings of Islam.

It reflects the community;’s long held views on the rejection of violence and terrorism, the separation of mosque and state and the promotion of Human Rights including complete freedom of religion for all.

Ahmadi Muslims strive to live up to the simple but profound message of Islam that can be summed up in ‘ Love for all, Hatred for None‘.

The values of Loyalty, Freedom, Equality, Respect and Peace are key to the foundation that underpins this motto and reflect the true Islam that so often gets lost in the mist of world events.